Air Permeability Testing

In April 2006 the new, Part L1A of the Building Regulations, came into effect to ensure the conservation of fuel & power within new dwellings became a priority. As a result all new dwellings now require an air tightness test, or 25% of each new type of dwelling within a development*, to show Building Control or an Accredited Inspector that each dwelling will comply with the regulations.

An air tightness test is performed by the use of a computerised fan being fitted to an entrance door. The fan blows larges volumes of air into the building and gauges are used to measure air flow and pressure within the building. This will then calculate the amount of air leakage.

If the building fails assistance can be given in identifying and isolating the problems to achieve the all important Pass.

A report with a BINDT numbered certificate is then provided for submission to Building Control. If we have provided your SAP Calculations we can use measurements from the drawings to give the envelope area, although this can also be done on site if required.

Testing is always carried out by ANC or UKAS Accredited personnel.

*At least one dwelling of each type within a residential scheme must undergo an air pressure test to ensure the assumed level of permeability used in SAP Calculations has been achieved.

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