SBEM Tender Risk

We are extremely conscious at L2 Energy Consulting of the costs involved to all Contractors when tendering for a project.

Experience also tells us that on almost all occasions the potential client or their representative will not issue an SBEM Calculation as part of the tender documentation. This omission could have significant cost implications downstream if the client or contractor doesn’t fully understand what the impact of Part L Conservation of Fuel and Power will have on the finished building.

How can a project be accurately priced if even the simplest of information is not known such as how efficient the roof insulation needs to be in order to achieve a Pass using SBEM. Worse still the project may need expensive Photovoltaics just to achieve a Pass or Brise Soleil may be required to reduce solar gain. All of these will be costly additions and more importantly, probably at the risk of the Contractor.

Our SBEM Tender Risk service can eliminate this risk and if expensive additions are required in order for compliance to be achieved this can be flagged up to the client at the earliest opportunity.