SBEM Calculations

An SBEM or Simplified Building Energy Model often know as an SBEM Calculation, is a Government led process in accordance with UK Building Regulations Part L2 which calculates the energy performance of new commercial buildings. Buildings covered under Part L2 include any building which is not a dwelling and therefore could be an Industrial Warehouse, School, Hotel, Office or even a University Halls of Residence.

Introduced in April 2007, SBEM Calculations are now required on all new commercial buildings to achieve Building Control sign off. They are also required for extensions to commercial property and on extensive refurbishment works too.

There are some exceptions where SBEM Calculations may be not be needed, e.g. places of worship and unheated buildings. If you are unsure whether your new building will need an SBEM Calculation Assessment, contact L2 Energy Consulting, in Christchurch, Dorset. We carry out SBEM Calculations across the whole of England and Wales.

How SBEM Calculations Work

There are 2 stages in acquiring an SBEM Calculation. The first stage is named the "Design stage" SBEM Calculation: this must be completed and submitted to the Building Control Officer or Approved Inspector at the same time as your building control application. The second stage is the "As Built" SBEM Calculation, which is a requirement on completion and a "Pass" certificate will have to be produced to the Inspector before sign-off is given. In most cases an Energy Performance Certificate will also be required as well as the SBEM Calculation to complete the process.

Up until the introduction of Part L 2010 Regulations in October of that year, the 'Design Stage' SBEM Calculation was not a compulsory provision. This is now not the case, as SBEM Calculations are now required to be provided to Building Control prior to Commencement on site. Since then Part L has been updated again to form Part L 2013 which is even more challenging to meet compliance.

At L2 Energy Consulting we specialise in SBEM Calculations and we want you to obtain a pass every time, giving you the best advice on how to do so via our experienced, friendly team. All SBEM Calculations are completed within 3 days or less, but again a fast track SBEM service at no extra cost is available.

As stated above SBEM Calculations are now much harder to achieve compliance under the 2013 Regulations, however with our experience and SBEM know-how we will guide you through to a successful outcome.

Level 5 Compliance via DSM

At L2 Energy Consulting we also provide Part L2A Compliance via Dynamic Simulation Modelling (DSM) and are fully Level 5 accredited.

Compliance via DSM is generally for more complex buildings with high levels of glazing or atria and more complex mechanical installations and moving solar control to minimise the effect of solar gains.

The accuracy of the software can often provide improved results against the Target Emission Rate.

Call us for more information on SBEM. We are always happy to help, advise and take care of your SBEM Calculations for you.